25,000 units of plastic packaging avoided by Shaeco customers

09 April 2021

25,000 units of plastic packaging avoided by Shaeco customers

25,000 units of plastic packaging avoided by Shaeco customers

Simple gestures with a huge impact.

By choosing solid products with recycled and recyclable packaging, our customers contributed to the reduction in the production of 25,000 units of plastic packaging, all this in our first year of activity!

Our brand was launched almost a year ago, at the end of April 2020, with the shampoo bar One & Done and its Pebble carrier case, and, aside from our latest numbers showing an increase of 38% of our supply (we'll get there), the date brings with it a good piece of news for our planet; with our customers saving the environment of 25,000 items of plastic packaging in 12 months by choosing to buy our solid cosmetics (instead of in traditional liquid format) and also because our packaging is recycled and recyclable.

This number comes from the fact that each One & Done shampoo bar is equivalent to three liquid shampoos (and the soaps weren't even counted). And by adding new products (we now have six types, two variations and three accessories), all following the eco-friendly concept, our concern for the environment increases!

Let us present three new products from our catalogue

The Smooth & Ready conditioner bar, the Face Fabulous facial cleansing bar and the Skin Pamper moisturising body bar are the new products to be found on our online store.

The new conditioner bar in the line complements and completes the shampoo bar. Each Smooth & Ready bar weighs 100g and contains shea butter and sweet almond oil, amongst other ingredients, to leave hair smooth and silky. This product is also vegan, cruelty and plastic free.

The Skin Pamper moisturising body bar(80g) is also 100% organic. It's a solid body moisturiser that is easy to apply and absorb and ideal for dry and dehydrated skin types. It contains jojoba and vitamin E, which help to protect and soften skin, and is scented with roses. Apply after showering, with no need to wet or prepare in any other way. Since it is easily absorbed, it does not leave skin sticky or greasy.

The Face Fabulous facial cleansing bar (80g) provides a smooth and complete wash, is perfume-free and has a lower pH level than traditional soaps, so is closer to the skin's natural pH level.

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