Argan Oil - Know the Benefits of this Ingredient
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19 June 2020

Argan Oil - Know the Benefits of this Ingredient

Argan Oil - Know the Benefits of this Ingredient

Argan oil is one of the super ingredients of our solid shampoo

This oil is already very familiar to you. And it is not without reason, this beauty elixir is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and is therefore one of the most beneficial for our hair.

Argan Oil Benefits

Know the main benefits of this super vegetable oil, from the Argania spinosa L. tree, native to Morocco.

  • Moisturizes your hair Rich in Vitamin E and natural fatty acids, this oil is famous for deeply moisturizing and smoothing hair, leaving it with a natural shine and easy to comb.

  • Reduces inflammation This oil helps to fight inflammation in the scalp, thus reducing irritation and associated dandruff problems.

  • Natural glow This oil will leave your hair with a natural and healthy shine. It also helps to restore elasticity in the hair, which will be light and full of life.

  • Protection  Argan oil, as it is rich in vitamin E, helps to combat the destructive effects of everyday aggressors: heat, treatment chemicals and pollution.

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