1x One & Done Argan Oil 4.05 oz + Pebble


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The pack of 1 One and Done shampoo + Pebble allows you to use the shampoo and still take it on the road or to the gym. Inspired by the sea, the Pebble carrying container is shaped like a pebble to remind us to preserve nature and keep the oceans free of plastic. For use at home, we suggest that you keep the shampoo bar in our Seashell soap dish, so that it stays dry between washes, increasing the shampoo's duration.

Suitable for all hair types.

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying and receiving more than one product in a single order.

Weight: 115 g / 4 oz (more than double the size of the majority of shampoo bars on the market) + Pebble cork carrying box.

The pack of 1 One & Done shampoo + Pebble is ideal for you if you like:

Fresh and fruity aromas

Salt & sulphate-free formula which respects colour-treated hair, chemically treated hair and even hair with extensions

An easy, practical and safe way to transport your shampoo bar

Plastic-free, environmentally friendly packaging

Available coloursÚnico


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1x One & Done Argan Oil 4.05 oz + Pebble