Pebble: The Cork Box
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27 April 2020

Pebble: The Cork Box

Pebble: The Cork Box
We all want to contribute more to the well-being of our planet, however, when it comes to transport packaging for hygiene products and shampoo, the solution usually involves disposable plastic. We know that tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans or landfill every day. Unfortunately, most of the waste we produce comes from the packaging of products we consume daily, such as bottles, cups, cutlery, bags, protective wrappers and labels. This is why we have developed a cork carrying box: Pebble.

Inspired by the sea, the Pebble box is shaped like a pebble to remind us to preserve nature and keep the oceans free of plastic. The cork used for the box grows on the cork oak forests of southern Portugal, where no cork oaks are cut down during the cork extraction process, which happens every nine years. Southern Portugal has one of the largest cork oak forests in the world. It is here that the cork used to manufacture the Pebble transport box comes from. This raw material is a unique case in terms of sustainability, as trees are not cut down in the stripping process.

On the other hand, cork oak forests naturally retain carbon dioxide, contributing to the fight against a major cause of global warming.

As it is a magnificent tree, both in environmental and economic terms, the Cork Oak has been Portugal’s National Tree since 2011. Its raw material was the first choice for us to create a box for our products.

The Pebble box allows us to enhance the value of cork and avoid waste from the cork industry. If we used a single virgin piece of cork extracted from the cork oak and cut only for this purpose, there would be a waste of raw material.

The Pebble is made from pieces of cork leftover from manufacturing other products, which are agglomerated and shaped sublimely.