What You Should Know About Shampoo Bars
Shampoo Bar

23 April 2020

What You Should Know About Shampoo Bars

What You Should Know About Shampoo Bars

A shampoo bar is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to liquid shampoo. By using a One & Done shampoo bar, you avoid about 3 plastic bottles going into the rubbish.


● Shampoo bars last longer than liquid shampoos, so they are not only more sustainable but also cheaper than liquids;
● They are easier to carry. You can carry a shampoo bar in the Pebble transport packaging;
● They take up less space and are lighter. Imagine your shower or bath without plastic packaging or with just one or two products;
● They consume fewer resources in the manufacturing process. There is less water wasted in manufacturing a shampoo bar;
● By using a shampoo bar, you reduce your carbon footprint. Compared to liquid shampoo, a shampoo bar is smaller, easier to transport and requires fewer resources;
● Shampoo bars are easier to store. They can be stored in reusable containers like soap dispensers, unlike liquids that have to be stored in single-use plastic bottles. As a rule, the shampoo bar packaging is made of paper, cloth or is a soap dish;
● The shampoo should be kept dry to last longer. It can be placed in a perforated soap dish or other places where water can easily drain from the shampoo;
● It is easy to use. After an initial adaptation period, you won’t want to return to liquid shampoos.

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