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Facial Disc of Luffa de Alcobaça


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Luffa facial pads are a natural and effective alternative to transform your skincare routine.
Made from the plant fiber of the luffa tree, a plant known for its exfoliating properties and skin benefits.
Each disk is carefully created to provide a deep cleansing experience, gently removing impurities, dead cells and residues accumulated throughout the day. Its unique texture promotes gentle exfoliation, which not only revitalizes the skin but also stimulates blood circulation, leaving your face looking radiant and healthy.
Can be used with water alone or with your cleanser such as the Face Fabulous face cleansing bar.
(The tagged price is for 1 piece)

How to use:
1. Simply rinse with water to make the luffa disk soft
2. Use normally in the shower or when washing your face in very gentle circular motions
Can be used with the Face Fabulous face cleansing bar
3. Wash off after use and leave to dry

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Natural and biodegradable products

plastic free products

Vegan and cruelty-free products

Portuguese and sustainable production

Available coloursBeige

  • Facial Disc of Luffa de Alcobaça
  • Facial Disc of Luffa de Alcobaça
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Facial Disc of Luffa de Alcobaça