One year behind us and many goals achieved!

30 April 2021

One year behind us and many goals achieved!

One year behind us and many goals achieved!

Today, the 30th April 2021, we are celebrating our first birthday!


We'd like to share with you some of the goals we set and have managed to achieve in our first year of existence:


1. We launched a brand that is 100% Portuguese, with products developed and produced in Portugal, in the midst of a pandemic.


2. Our product range grew from two products (One & Done shampoo bar and the Pebble carry case), to 14 products.


3. By choosing solid products with recycled and recyclable packaging, our customers helped to stop the production of 25,000 plastic packages (without even counting the soaps).


4. We reached 10,000 followers on Instagram (if you're still not one of them, join our community today!).


5. Our team has grown (there are now 6 of us) and, at the start of the month we were able to be together for the first time! 


6. We have been featured several times in the media - in NiT, Women's Health, Notícias Magazine, ELLE, Sábado, Volta ao Mundo, Observador, TimeOut, JN, Meios & Publicidade, P3, etc. - and all thanks to our vegan, cruelty and plastic-free brand, that saves water and uses recycled and recyclable packaging.


And finally, we would like to thank you for being part of this journey, for trusting in our brand and for choosing sustainable Portuguese products.


Thanks to your support, we will continue to create new Portuguese products that contribute to a better future.

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